Now Anyone Can Automate Document Workflows for Free with HelloWorks

Announcing the HelloWorks Free Plan
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HelloWorks is free! Try it out!

HelloSign is raising the bar for how documents get completed with our workflow content automation product, HelloWorks. But that’s not the BIG news. The BIG news is that we're introducing a no-code portal in HelloWorks that allows anyone to build, launch, and manage document workflows for free.

Now companies big or small, and users of all technical backgrounds can simplify their document-centric processes with a few clicks of the mouse. The HelloWorks Free plan isn’t your typical 14-day free trial, it’s a free plan where you can launch up to 100 workflows in production environments.

Existing HelloSign customer already have a HelloWorks free account. Simply use your HelloSign credentials to log into your HelloWorks account here. If you’re a new user, you can easily sign-up for a HelloWorks free account here.

Documents Returned at Lighting Speed

Our eSignature customers told us that speed and accuracy were essential, especially when completing complex documents. They said that PDF documents take too much time to complete and are often filled out inaccurately.

Because speed was essential to our customers, it was also important to us. HelloWorks customers have been able to nearly 3x the turnaround speed of their documents and increase document completion rates to over 96%, which is unheard of in the eSignature space.

Here’s what you can look forward to with free HelloWorks:

For Your Company

  • Build Document Workflows with Ease. An intuitive portal where you can build (drag-and-drop) and launch workflows in a matter of minutes. No learning curve required!
  • Documents Get Completed the First Time. Dramatically reduce the back-and-forth spent dealing with partially completed documents and eliminate the hours spent reviewing them for accuracy.
  • Eliminate Manual Data Re-entry. Use our APIs to eliminate manual data re-entry by extracting data from completed forms and automatically funneling it directly into your backend systems.

For Your Users

  • Mobile-First Experience. End users get through complex paper-based workflows by answering a series of easy to follow questions on their phones.
  • No More PDFs. End users never have to interact with complicated PDFs. They only see the fields and forms in a workflow relevant to them and never have to enter the same information twice.
  • Simple, Accurate, and Fast. Advanced data validation auto-detects errors in real time and API integrations like Google Maps helps end users complete forms faster.

HelloWorks can be used for any document or combination of documents, whether it requires a signature or not. This opens the door to wide range of document workflows.

Some examples include:

  • HR documents (NDA, W-9, Employee Handbook, etc)
  • Leasing documents (Rental Contract, Co-Signer Form, Verification of Rental Insurance, etc.)
  • Tax forms (W-4, I-9, 1040, etc.)
  • Medical paperwork (Proof of Insurance, Medical History, New Patient Form, etc.)

Why Free? We Were Inspired by Our Customers

In 2017 we launched a developer-focused version of HelloWorks so enterprises could embed HelloWorks into their website/applications and simplify their complex document workflows. Today that product is powering the onboarding process of one of the nation's largest on-demand grocery shopping companies, Instacart, and has been integrated into one of the nation's largest HR onboarding companies, SumTotal (read about HelloWorks for HR onboarding).

But most of us are not developers. So over the past year, we’ve been building a no-code version of HelloWorks for non-developers and business users. Simple drag-and-drop functionality lets our customers build complex document workflows in minutes. The result is a simple online workflow (not PDF) that's easy for end users to complete and converts higher than any eSignature solution on the market.

Cheers to the Future of Work

The impact HelloWorks has had for our customers is directly related to increasing their bottom line. Instacart improved average document completion rate from 70% to 96% as well as accelerated their shopper signup process by 270% (read Instacart’s customer story).

Additionally, Aragon Research recently named HelloSign a leader in their Workflow Content Automation (WCA) report. We’re excited to keep building the things that matter most to our users and plan to continue making HelloWorks the best solution for document automation.

Try It Our for Yourself!

If you’re an existing HelloSign customer, use your HelloSign credentials to log into your HelloWorks account here. New users can sign-up for a HelloWorks free account here. Once you're logged check out how to build your first HelloWorks workflow with our video tutorial.

We hope you enjoy HelloWorks! Let us know what you think :-).

Ready to Use HelloWorks? It's Free!

Agreements and forms get completed up to 3x faster with up to 10x more accuracy than traditional eSignature.

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